Living Oneness Study Guide - Global Oneness Project

Living Oneness Study Guide

By Global Oneness Project

  • Release Date: 2009-06-04
  • Genre: Filosofie


We live in one of the most precarious and exciting moments in history shaped by unprecedented pressures and opportunities. How we live with and relate to each other and the earth seems to matter now more than ever. The challenges facing us are rarely unrelated to the challenges of our neighbors, and solutions will have to serve not just a few, but many. 
It has never been so clear that we thrive or die together – dependent upon each other and how we move into the future as a world community. 
Transformation is taking place throughout the entire world, helping humanity become more awake to our global identity as well as global destiny. By understanding oneness, aligning with its many attributes and qualities, and learning where and how they are already at work, we step into the part of ourselves where we are connected through our own nature to what we need to help oneness play its part in the renewal of our shared world.